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Missouri State Fair 2019

Our new sale facility is complete!  We ask that you enter the south show barn door like years in the past so you can get your blue boots on immediately.  Registration, bidding and lunch will all be located in the new building east of the show barn.  We look forward to having all these things in one location just steps from the show barn.

We'll continue the same schedule as the last few years, with an open house on Friday evening and the bidding beginning on Saturday.  We love having all of you at the farm and watching the kids sift through the set to find their favorites.  This sale process allows each family equal chance at every pig in our barn and that's something very important to us.  

Viewing Pigs: The barn is open to view pigs during the open house on Friday night (5:00-9:00) and throughout the sale hours on Saturday (10:00 - end of sale).

Bidder Registration: To speed up sale day procedures, register early on the bidder registration tab of this website.  You can also register on Friday evening during open house or on Saturday morning.  

Placing Bids: You will turn in your bids by hand in the new building east of the show barn.  The current bid on every lot will be projected on a large screen.  Curtis Show Pigs will no longer be in charge of absentee phone bids.  If you can not be present, please send a representative to do your bidding for you.  

Starting Bid: $250.00 increasing in $25 increments. If lot reaches $500, bid increments on that lot increase to $50 increments, staying on either the 100's or 50's.  For example, bids would be 500, 550, 600 instead of 475, 525, 575, 625.  This is simply for less confusion and to streamline our bid tracking procedure.

Sale Ending Format: Horse Race style closing (similar to online auctions) 

A few benefits to this style of auction: 

- Every buyer has equal opportunity to every pig.

- All lots stay open till the end and close simultaneously. 

- The buyer does not have to deal with the "seller's order" of sale because all lots are offered and bid on simultaneously. All lots are left open until entire sale ends.

Original Ending Time: 1:00, March 7/March 28, with extended bidding to follow.  Extended bidding will continue until there is no bidding for 5 minutes. 

Please plan to spend all afternoon at our farm.  Our sales have traditionally ran 2-3 hours past the original ending time.  March 9, 2019 sale was a record for length.  Our second sale is usually shorter but is always dependent on when the bidding starts and how long it takes for every buyer to get to a comfortable position of pig choice and budget.  We encourage everyone to register early and place bids early to help the sale move along.  We also suggest picking many alternatives to your first choice pig so you have a predetermined back up you can switch to if your choice pig moves out of budget.

Please be prepared to pay for and take your pigs home with you on sale day.