Join us at the farm in March for our 2019 sale season! 

We have made a few changes to our sale procedures.  Please continue reading for details.

Curtis Show Pigs will no longer be in charge of absentee phone bids.  If you can not be present, please send a representative to do your bidding for you.  Send your showman and buyer information with them to register your bidder number.

Registration should be completed Friday evening or Saturday before noon.  You may register ahead of time via email ( or phone (Emily 660-473-1610).

Each bidder wanting to purchase a pig should place at least one bid by Saturday at noon.  This action will encourage bidding to begin and lead to an earlier sale ending time. 

Our new sale facility is complete!  We ask that you enter the south show barn door like years in the past so you can get your blue boots on immediately.  Registration, bidding, lunch, t-shirts, and hats will all be located in the new building east of the show barn.  We look forward to having all these things in one location just steps from the showbarn.

We'll continue the same schedule as the last few years, with an open house on Friday evening and the bidding beginning on Saturday.  We love having all of you at the farm and watching the kids sift through the set to find their favorites.  This sale process allows each family equal chance at every pig in our barn and that's something very important to us. 

We love this lifestyle and cherish the opportunity to be a part of your show season.

If you haven't attended one of our sales, please read our sale details below and call us with any questions or for an overview of what to expect. 

The barn is open to view pigs during the open house on Friday night and throughout the sale hours on Saturday.  Bids will be turned in by hand in the garage with the current bid on every lot projected on a large screen. 

Please make every effort to be present or send a representative to place your bids.  Please get your bidder number either Friday evening or before noon on Saturday.  Bidding usually picks up pace close to the original ending time but continues up to three hours after.  

Silent Auction Style Format:

Starting Bid: $200.00 increasing in $25 increments. If lot reaches $500, bid increments on that lot increase to $50 increments, staying on either the 100's or 50's.  For example, bids would be 500, 550, 600 instead of 475, 525, 575, 625.  This is simply for less confusion and to streamline our bid tracking procedure.

ORIGINAL ENDING TIME: 1:00 PM, Saturday, March 9 / March 23 with extended bidding to follow.

EXTENDED BIDDING WILL CONTINUE UNTIL THERE IS NO BIDDING FOR 5 MINUTES! After approximately an hour of extended bidding, ending time after last bid will lessen to 3 minutes.

We utilize the Horse Race / Online Auction style closing. With this option, all lots will close simultaneously.

A few benefits to this style of auction:

- The buyer has the CHOICE to switch to any lot in the offering if he is outbid on his current choice.

- The buyer does not have to deal with the "seller's order" of sale because all lots are offered and bid on simultaneously. All lots are left open until entire sale ends.

- The buyer has true choices and more time to make decisions.

Extended Bidding means that the auction is not declared closed until there have been five minutes of inactivity on this sale. If there is any bidding during the inactivity period, the auction is extended until there is no bidding for five minutes during the inactivity period.

*Example 1: Auction closes at 1:00 PM. There is no bidding from 12:55 PM to 1:00 PM. All lots are declared closed and the sale ends at 1:00 PM.
*Example 2: Auction closes at 1:00 PM. There is a bid placed at 12:57 PM. Auction is extended by 5 minutes. No more bidding occurs. All lots are declared closed and the sale ends at 1:02 PM.
*Example 3: Auction closes at 1:00 PM. There is a bid placed at 12:57 PM. Auction is extended by 5 minutes until 1:02 PM. Another bid is placed at 1:01 PM. No more bids are placed. All lots are declared closed and the sale ends at 1:06 PM.

Please be prepared to pay for and take your pigs home with you on sale day.